The Ambivium Institute auto-published on May 20, 2012 a book titled "Global Security: Flexibility, Issues, and the Thin Lines On the War Against Terrorism." ---> Please Click here for PDF content pages of the book.

Conference Presentations/PowerPoints

The Ambivium Institute on May 30-31, 2012 in collabroation with the Center for Terrorism Law organized the 3rd Annual Terrorism and Global Security Conference in Washington, DC. Below are the links to some of the conference presentations.

Mr. Clayton J. Cleveland (Oregon State University)-"The Norm of Seeking International Authorization: Challenging and Consolidating Practice, 1998-2011" ---> Click here for PDF
Dr. Arthur Garrison (Kutztown University)-"The Commander-in-Chief Power, the War Powers Resolution, and Libya: Putting them in Legal and Historical Context" ---> Click here for PDF
Mr. Philip Angeli (DLA Piper, LLP)-"What Can Civilians Operating in Conflict Zones Learn from Recent US Court Rulings Analyzing War Crimes" ---> Click here for PDF
Mr. Aaron Meyer (Independent Scholar)-"Perceptions of Law and Lawfare in the 21st Century Conflict" ---> Click here for PDF
Mr. Nubert Boubeka (Ambivium Institute)-"What Constitutes a Legal War in the 21st Century? A Brief Introduction" ---> Click here for PDF

The Ambivium Institute and The Maharaja Agrasen College, University of Delhi (India) organized on March 15-16, 2012 in Delhi, India an International Conference titled "Imagining India as a World Power: Asian Politics, the Indian Ocean, and Balancing Forces." Below are some of the PowerPoint from the conference and full agenda. A book from the conference is being compiled for publication by Maharaja Agrasen for later this year.

Mr. Abhay Kumar (ARSD College, University of Delhi) -"Revisiting Indo-Russia Relation: A Tale of Two Decades" ---> Click here for download

Ms. Kimberley Layton (University of New South Wales, Australian Defence Force Academy) -"The Securitisation of Secularism in Contemporary India" ---> Click here for download

Dr. Vikas Ranjan (Indian Council of World Affairs, New Delhi) -"India-China Relations in the Changing Regional Dynamics" ---> Click here for download

Dr. Pranav Kumar (Motilal Nehru College, University of Delhi) -"Indian Foreign Policy in Himalayan Region: A Changing Bhutan and Assertive China" ---> Click here for download

Dr. Neelam Choudhary (DDE, University of Jammu) -"Recent Threats to Indian Maritime Security: Some Issues" ---> Click here for download

Dr. Amit Kumar (National Maritime Foundation, New Delhi) -"Indian and the Emerging Power Equations in the Indian Ocean" ---> Click here for download

Final Conference Agenda, ---> Click here for download

On September 14-15, 2012 the Ambivium Institute in cooperation with Center for Terrorism Law held the 2nd Annual Terrorism & Global Security Conference: The Ongoing Afghanistan War, the War on Terror, and from Clausewitz to Beyond New Centers of Gravity in Washington, DC. PowerPoints presentations from the conference is below for download. Along with the first annual conference, a full book of the submitted paper is due in May 2012.

Mr. Robert Merz (Booz Allen Hamilton) - Global Insecurity and Perception Management ---> Click here for download

Dr. Antulio Echavarria (U.S. Army, Strategic Studies Institute) - Clausewitz and Contemporary War: The Debate over War?s Nature ---> Click here for download

Mr. Dylan Craig (American University) -Moving Targets: Prospects for a Comparative Perspective on Targeted Killings by States ---> Click here for download

Ms. Kerri McLaughlin, (Stetson University College of Law) -The International Trade of the Child Sex Image: Security Threat in the U.S. and Mexico ---> Click here for download

Ms. Pinar B. Alakoc (University of Colorado at Boulder) - Femme Fatale Terrorism ---> Click here for download

Mr. Edward Lucas (American University) - Somalia's Seaborne Insurgents: Examining Somali Piracy as a Form of Insurgency ---> Click here for download

Dr. Sunil Sondhi (University of Delhi-Maharaja, India)- India and the War on Terrorism ---> Click here for download

Dr. Shaun Goldfinch (Nottingham University Business School) & Dr. Karl DeRouen Jr. (University of Alabama) - Towards a Stable and Peaceful State: Implications for Afghanistan ---> Click here for download

Dr. William P. Fox (Naval Postgraduate School's Department of Defense Analysis)- Detecting Suicide Bombers ---> Click here for download

Major Todd E. Pierce (US Army Jag Corps) - The Dichotomy of U.S. Counter-terrorism Strategy: Carl Schmidt v. Carl von Clausewitz ---> Click here for download

Dr. Williams P. Fox (Naval Postgraduate School?s Defense Analysis Department)-A Game Theoretic Analysis of a Regional Approach Toward the Stability in Afghanistan Post the US Proposed Drawdown or Withdrawal ---> Click here for download

Ms. Teresa de Almeida e Silva, PhD (Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal)-The Islamic Terrorism in Europe: A Contemporary Threat? ---> Click here for download

Mr. Pedro Erik Carneiro, PhD (Brazil Ministry of Finance, Brazil)-Tear Down this Wall: The Tri-Border Discussion ---> Click here for download

Mr. Dennis Prange (Hanns Seidel Foundation ) & Nubert Boubeka (Ambivium Institute)-Networking Centers of Gravity ---> Click here for download

Mr. Victor Comras (Potomac Institute)-Flawed Diplomacy: The United Nations and the War on Terrorism ---> Click here for download

Mr. Mark Silinsky (U.S. Department of Defense)-An Old Prussian, an Ancient Land, and a New War: Carl von Clausewitz & Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan ---> Click here for download

Lt. Col. Dale Eikmeier (U.S. Army)-A Contrarian View on the Relevance of Clausewitz's Center of Gravity in the War on Terrorism? ---> Click here for download

Mr. Lars Falk, PhD (Swedish Defense Research Agency)-Centers of Gravity and Clausewitz's Model of War ---> Click here for download