Past Events

International Symposium:
Fault-Lines in Regional Security: Economy, Military, and Innovation in the Western Hemisphere Politics January 29-31, 2013 Washington, DC.----> Click here for Event Poster

3rd Annual Terrorism and Global Security Conference: What Constitutes a Legal War in the 21st Century? The United Nations, NATO, the War in Libya, and Coalitions in War-Making in the Era of the War on Terror. May 30-31, 2012| Washington, DC ---> Click here for event poster

Imagining India as a World Power: Asian Politics, the Indian Ocean, and Balancing Forces
March 15-16, 2012 - Delhi, India ----> Click here for event poster

2nd Annual Terrorism & Global Security Conference: The Afghanistan War, the War on Terror, and from Clausewitz to Beyond September 14-15, 2011 - Washington, DC --- > Event Agenda


No Events Scheduled